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BCC ChildCare and School Age Program
The purpose of the BCC ChildCare and School Age Program is to provide support and encouragement to working parents; as well as parents wishing to provide enriching activities in addition to those that are provided at home. Bethel Christian Center daycare is focused on bringing your children Christian values as well as promoting strong social emotional development skills. Our main focus is to treat each and every child we care for as if they were are our own. We have been blessed with these children through our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and our ChildCare Ministry is a direct reflection of His love to us.

Age Of Acceptance— Infant through 12 years of age. We are state licensed and accept DSHS. We are periodically are reviewed by DSHS to make sure the highest standards are met.

Conflict Resolution — We have incorporated Kelso the frog, a conflict resolution tool, into our program. This method is used by several school districts, including Federal Way. It empowers the children to develop problem solving skills and works well in home situations. It will also help bridge the gap for your children as they make the transition into school.

Naps — Naps are offered for all children five years of age and under and for any child showing a need for a rest. Those children not needing rest will be engaged in quiet activities.

Meals And Snacks — Food is prepared and served to meet the nutritional needs of your young child as well as His/Her age and cultural background. Children here before 7:15 AM are offered breakfast. Snack times are approximately 9:30 AM and 3:00 PM (School children are offered a snack upon arrival from school.) Children who are here at lunch time, 11:30 AM will receive a hot lunch.

*A prayer is said before all meals and snacks

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